By Samantha Cole of Tanzania Business Ethics

An open letter to President Dr. J.P. Magufuli, Chief Secretary, Attorney General, Minister of Minerals, TRA, and Canadian Prime Minister J. Trudeau and UK Prime Minister T. May, and Ministers and Ambassadors in both countries

Yesterday (Thursday, 23.03.2017) President Magufuli made a surprise visit to the Dar Es Salaam port.  He knew EXACTLY what he was looking for.  Even that the port officials tried to lead him in all directions “to inspect”, JPM knew that there were containers filled with gold mining ore “sand” waiting to be exported AGAINST his clear instructions about 3 weeks ago that there is a BAN on the export of the gold ore sand.   JPM found the containers.  All 20 containers.  All filled with ore sand. All ready in the port to export against the law of the ban. 
Our sources at the port tell us that a 40 ft container can hold a maximum of about 26,000 kg’s.  Total ore sand that JPM found is over a half million kgs.  How much export taxes and royalties in Tanzania losing from those 20 containers.

20 containers

Once again, our President, Dr. Magufuli has shown the Tanzania People that the days of CORRUPTION and FRAUD are over.  TUMECHOKA!!   Tanzania again salutes our President for teaching us the new ways of the new Tanzania.  We praise our President for his courage and determination to stand up tall against anyone and everyone who will not keep the laws of our country.

In the picture above, you see the President’s group in front of the 20 containers!  The mining company is BUSTED!!  Which mining company was it?  Here are the facts, you can decide!

On Saturday, March 4, 2017, The Citizen published their article “JPM BAN THREATENS 2 GOLD MINES”.  The 2 mines reported in this article are none other than Acacia Mining’s Buzwagi mine and also Bulyanhulu mine.

It is common knowledge that the mining companies, Shanta Gold and AngloGold Ashanti exports nuggets and not ore sand like Acacia Mining does.  There is only one company who has exported their ore sand for many years from Tanzania and who can generate such masses of ore sand like the half a million kgs in these 20 containers that JPM “caught red handed” in the port waiting for export COMPLETELY AGAINST the current ban!

Aliyoyakuta Rais Magufuli alipofanya Ziara ya kushtukiza Bandarini Dar.

President Magufuli and other Honored Recipients: 
One MUST ask who is responsible for this underhanded, illegal and mafia-style attempt to export 20 containers (or more) of gold mining ore sand? And the answer is obviously the CEO of the mining company and his subordinates who carried out his orders completely against the law.  Logic says that these individuals should be arrested and prosecuted for these crimes.  After all, if they are not prosecuted, what message is sent to our Nation of 55 million people?

If our sources in the Dar Es Salaam port are correct, and these containers are definitely from Acacia Mining, then Brad Gordon and his local team in Dar are all responsible and should be prosecuted without delay.  Maybe the Acacia team in London also?  We don’t know the law.  Maybe even the Chairman of the Acacia Mining Board, Kelvin Dushnisky?

Are we surprised?  Should we be surprised?  If the culprit is the CEO, Brad Gordon, then these mafia-style operations are definitely no surprise.  In July 2016, we wrote a research report about Brad Gordon’s failures and his immoral and maybe even criminal background. As an example fully reported in the media:

In March 2013, the media exposed a report of Brad Gordon (at that time, the CEO of Emporer Mines) intimidating the Intrepid partner (at that time), Mr. Paul Willis, and forced him into signing a release for his rights to their project  in Indonesia. The report stated that Mr. Willis was outnumbered nine-to-one, including Intrepid CEO, Brad Gordon, and legal counsel Vanessa Chidrawi and six locals, armed with revolvers in holsters.
The Business Day claims they obtained an email to show how Intrepid conspired with the local partners to squeeze Paul Willis out of the venture. 

For more information, here is the link to our research report:

So Brad Gordon is no stranger to mafia–style business.  Revolvers? Intimidation? Conspiracy? Corruption? Fraud? Tax evasion? Transfer Pricing?  Can anyone blame our Government for refusing to deal now with this man?  Is there no shame at all in the Barrick Gold and Acacia Mining offices in Canada and England?

How many years have Acacia Mining been exporting these containers of gold mining ore sand?  How many hundreds or thousands of containers over the past 10 or 15 or more years?  If these 20 containers seized at the port hold over half a million kgs of this ore sand, how many hundreds of millions (or dare we write billions) of kgs of this ore sand did they export?  How many hundreds of millions of US Dollars have been deprived from our country?  How many schools and clinics and water supply lines and sewerage systems and power stations and bridges and roads and all the other basic needs that any country deserves?

President Magufuli and other Honored Recipients: 
The biggest slap in the face to our country, is Acacia Mining’s latest attempt (yesterday) to mobilize worldwide support AGAINST our great President, Dr. Magufuli.  Reports in the UK Telegraph, Reuters, NasDaq, Guardian, Financial Times and many others, in which they complain about losing US$1 million every day due to the export ban of the gold mining ore sand.

Is it Tanzania’s fault that for so many years, Acacia have exported the gold mining ore sand overseas and NEVER sent back the royalties for the gold extracted from that ore sand?  Why did Barrick Gold steal the gold from us that was camouflaged as ore sand and keep all the monies for themselves without paying our small export royalties?

The Telegraph suggests that our President’s agenda to ban the export of the gold mining ore sand may be “to help it develop a domestic smelting industry”.   They continue to write “previous studies have suggested that such an industry would struggle to compete with rival countries, while experts believe it could take a minimum of five years to build the necessary infrastructure.  During April we will reassess how long we can continue to produce as normal if the ban remains in place and what other measures may be necessary,” the company said.

Is this Acacia Mining’s way to scare our President?  Are they subtly send negative messages to scare off potential overseas investors looking at Tanzania?  Is this their way to try and belittle our President in the eyes of world leaders?  What will Prime Ministers Justin Trudeau and Theresa May comment to our President if they meet and this subject comes up in discussion?
How can they justify to our President that their countrymen’s attempted illegal exports under an official ban is acceptable?
And can they say that their countrymen’s tax evasion is OK by Canada or British standards?
And the corruption and fraud?
Shall we continue?
Even we simple Tanzanian’s understand the picture of what Barrick Gold and Acacia Mining are trying to manipulate here in our country and to damage world opinion of Tanzania.

But we have a new Sheriff in town and he is not falling for any of this.  Last year, our “Sheriff” publicly told overseas gold mining companies to “go home” if they complain they cannot make profits here and pay their taxes fairly.  On Thursday, whilst at the port, standing by the 20 containers seized before export, he said again that it’s by far better to stop mining gold here until Tanzania acquires the necessary knowledge to mine, instead of being crooked (referring to the non-payment of export taxes).

The People of Tanzania stand behind our “Sheriff”, President Magafuli, and we are confident that he will lead us to a better quality future.

God bless President Magufuli and God bless Tanzania and our Nation.


Report to President Dr. John P. Magufuli about the threat letter from Acacia Mining


Dear Dr. Magufuli

The following is an extract of the threat letter that was received from Acacia Mining lawyers in London called Quinn Emanual.

The Company is acutely aware of the importance of developing its assets in a responsible manner to aid in the development of Tanzania and of its local communities who benefit from its operations. This has included over $35 million of direct investments into the Company’s local communities over the past three years.

The Company requires its directors, officers and employees to conduct their affairs to the highest possible ethical standards and to operate at all limes in accordance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations.

In short, Acacia is proud of its very substantial economic and human investment in and contributions to Tanzania and its people, and wishes to develop its business lawfully in Tanzania to the benefit of all stakeholders and in close cooperation with the Government of Tanzania.

The damage you are causing to the Company’s business directly affects Tanzania, through harm to its reputation and impact to the Company’s taxation contributions to the Governments revenues and all of the Company’s other stakeholders, including its employees (most of whom are local Tanzanians), its local communities, and its shareholders.

In the event that you do not cease and desist, we are instructed to commence such proceedings as are necessary to seek disclosure of your identity, injunctive relief, damages for losses caused to our client and reimbursement of court costs and lawyer’s fees. Your liability and exposure under such legal action could be considerable.

The sadness in this threat letter is that these super-intelligent and high power millionaire lawyers sitting in their luxury offices in London don’t even know what their clients are doing in our country.  They prefer to receive instructions from rich clients like Acacia Mining and send threat letter to ladies who earn salaries a fraction of one percent of their fees to Acacia Mining and then threaten us that we will have to pay them for damages and losses to Acacia Mining reputation?  That is both funny and bizarre.

Last month around 13 January, The Guardian reported in their Tanzania ippmedia website an article with website heading:
It is a very sad but real article about our “Mining Bad Boy”, Acacia Mining.  The article is written by another BRAVE journalist, Neema Mugheni.

As you can read online, Neema received some money from the Tanzania Media Fund (TMF) which gave her the possibility to research and write the article.  Here are a few paragraphs of Neema’s article online:

For about a score (20) of years the mine has been in operation as the miners ferry whatever they mine abroad, leaving little and big caves in the country.

What has been worse is the pathetic situation of the villagers that surround the mine, who live in abject poverty, while many go without jobs, safe water, good schools and even proper medical care due to lack of well founded infrastructure.

The funny thing is that gold is gone and the residents still remain where they are. Many stories have been filed about this gold mine in northwestern Tanzania, and big international awards won from the reports, but life of the wananchi has littly changed.

One of the journalists who have filed reports on this lopsided state of affair is Neema Mugheni, a reporter with Kahama FM, a community media based in Kahama District, Shinyanga Region.

She did so after she received funds from the Tanzania Media Fund (TMF) to enable her to probe the reasons behind the poverty engulfing the villagers bordering Africa’s biggest riches.

The TMF verifying team which visited the area found that during her assignment, she visited three villages namely MWIME, CHAPULWA and MWENDAKULIMA where she interviewed many villagers in the areas.

Among them were the ward council chairperson Emmanuel Pius, Kahama District Municipal Director Anderson Libumba, the District Commissioner, as well as the District Medical Officer at the health centre whose infrastructure, was at the time, in a very pathetic situation.    Areas of focus for her programmes were jobs, social services such as health, water supply as well as the infrastructure.

During her interviews, complaints were abound by residents, especially youth that they had no jobs. According to them, only a few lucky ones were employed as security guards.

During the interview, the Village Executive Officer Vicent Ndesekio that lack of pertinent skills was partly the reason why many residents in the area were going without jobs.

Samantha Cole did not write this article about the terrible POVERTY of our People around Acacia Mining.  But it is nothing new and our People are talking more and more about it in Tanzania.  They talk so much about it that Acacia Mining choose to pay US$ 2 million for TV and radio and newspapers to make adverts about how wonderful is Acacia Mining.

You see how poor is Acacia Mining’s opinion about Tanzanian’s that they think they can make national propaganda for US$ 2 million and that will fix the poverty of our communities? And the TV adverts will bring our People clean water? And will the newspaper adverts fix the damage to our environment?  President Magufuli, you have lead your Nation into a NEW Tanzania.  These Europeans are still living in the times of colonization.

With all their billions of Dollars, you would think they realize this mistake? 

President Magufuli, will these London high power lawyers also send to the Guardian and IPPMedia the same threat letters that they sent to

And will our friend, Neema Mugheni also receive a threat letter like they sent to us?
And Emmanuel Pius, Anderson Libumba, Vicent Ndesekio and others who dare to tell the truth about the real situation around the gold mines?  Will they also receive a threat letter like they sent to us?  And how can Deo Mwanyika, Vice-President of Acacia Mining, look in the eyes of any Tanzanian and justify this terrible bullying and intimidation?

The threat letter they sent us states we are causing damage.

Who is responsible for all the problems of Barrick Gold and Acacia Mining?  Did Samantha Cole cause such problems?
Did we ask Barrick and Acacia to do tax evasion?
And they murder and rape our People?
And they denied that maybe as many as 52 of our people in 1996 were victims of forced evictions and BURIED ALIVE at the Bulyanhulu gold mine in Tanzania?
The list goes on and on and on and on… these ‘innocent mining angels’ who wrote in their threat letter to me how WONDERFUL they are to our Nation BUT really, they are not and our People woke up and we all say :  TUMECHOKA 

That is what Samantha Cole is doing and Acacia Mining demand that we (all our group around the country) must stop OR ELSE they will start legal action and make me pay for the damages.

We wrote many times we need international companies here and we pleaded with Barrick Gold boss and Acacia Mining boss to work in Tanzania with a WIN-WIN relationship for our People.
That is the OPPOSITE of causing damages.  That is promoting cooperation.

On Friday (2 days ago), there was a report on the website of African Intelligence.  They wrote that the Minister of Mines in Kenya, Dan Kazungu, remains skeptical unconvinced about Acacia Mining in Kenya.

Africa is changing. The Nations are seeing the realities much more clear than before.

Facebook and social media is helping us to understand the problems better on a national level.

President Magufuli, what better way is there for the Wananchi (our Nation) to be a living part of the development of the NEW Tanzania if not through knowledge and understanding?
The Late Mwalimu, Julius Nyerere taught:
You cannot develop people. You must allow people to develop themselves.
This is what is happening in the NEW Tanzania and Barrick Gold and Acacia Mining cannot accept this.  And what will happen when they bring Endeavour Mining to their table as well?

Should our Nation be afraid?

No threat letters are necessary. No bullying and no intimidation.   No fear and no pressure.  God blessed our country with gold.  President Magufuli, we all remember your speech from June last year where you said it was better to stay with the country’s precious gems even for a thousand years, insisting that it was not a sin to leave the pits for the next generation.   Barrick Gold and Acacia Mining must thinking that you were making jokes because they don’t recognize your strategy at all.

Time is here and now for changes to make a WIN-WIN situation for the People of Tanzania and the mining companies.

Thank you

God bless you and our People and our Country.


Barrick Gold and Acacia Mining sent a letter of threat to Samantha Cole and the Tanzania Business Ethics group.  They claim we are doing so much damage to their companies and to their reputations.  Who is responsible for Barrick and Acacia Mining’s crimes?
These threats to us are because of Barrick Gold and Acacia Mining desperately in need of the merger with Endeavour!
Yesterday we read in the Guardian media that Acacia Mining are suddenly meeting with the TRA about their tax evasion problems!  Why suddenly now?  Because it suits them to pay now because they need the merger. But they are in for a surprise!

An Open Letter to the President of Tanzania, Dr. J.P. Magufuli
Copies to Prime Ministers Theresa May, Justin Trudeau, Ministers, Ambassadors, Media reporters

Last year, we received other threats also so this new letter received from the “Mining Bad Boy’s” lawyers in England, Quinn Emmanual, is nothing new and does not scare us at all.

Our President and Chief Secretary support our hard research work and our focus to follow the examples of President Magufuli and his Government and their fight against corruption and fraud, will continue.

Barrick Gold and Acacia Mining use their huge power and money to bully and oppress small people.  They send strong lawyers from overseas to scare and intimidate in order to achieve their goals.

Is it possible that ALL THE MEDIA WEBSITES & NEWSPAPERS IN THE WORLD dreamed up all the murders and rapes and dishonesty and tax evasion and corruption and fraud and environment damage of Barrick Gold and Acacia Mining?

The answers to all these questions is NO!

Look at the facts:

Anyone who will Google BARRICK GOLD MURDER, will find 332,000 links.  Yes, one third of a million links to Barrick Gold Murder!
Are the Quinn Emmanual lawyers sending them all threaten

Anyone who will Google BARRICK GOLD RAPE will find 54,000 links.

Anyone who will Google BARRICK GOLD TAX EVASION will find 46,000 links.

Anyone who will Google BARRICK GOLD CORRUPTION will find 105,000 links.

Anyone who will Google BARRICK GOLD FRAUD will find 93,000 links.

Anyone who will Google BARRICK GOLD ENVIRONMENTAL DEVASTATION will find 96,000 links.

Are the Quinn Emmanuel lawyers sending them all threaten letters?

Did Samantha Cole cause these crimes of Barrick Gold?
Is Samantha Cole responsible for these crimes?

Can Samantha Cole write about these crimes in the social media and to our President Magufuli and other world leaders?  Why not?

Here are but a few examples out the hundreds of thousands of links:        Worldwide
Reports about gang rapes of hundreds of local women and girls, systematic sexual violence, multiple killings, environment damage and, and, and……..

YouTube video of Peter Munk at the 2010 Barrick AGM – truly shocking!!    Canada
Reports about ethical mining policies, violence, pollution, sexual assault and, and, and…….. They also quoted Peter Munk that “gang rape” is a “cultural habit” ……
How many cultured people in the world will agree with that?        Worldwide
Reports of Barrick Gold avoiding responsibility for the destructive environment ….
…. aligning itself with corrupt politicians…….  employing police who violently suppress (and sometimes kill) mine critics    …….  rape, water depletion, heavy metal pollution, cyanide, and, and, and……….       Australia
Reported Barrick pleaded guilty to failing to provide and maintain a working environment where employees were not exposed to hazards, and in doing so causing death.
Barrick has previously admitted to failing to have appropriate standard operating procedures in place          United States
Barrick Gold accused of Bribery in Africa      Tanzania
… mining companies have long been suspected of being tax cheats, causing the government to get less than its fair share of revenues from the sector.
Acacia Mining in tax evasion scandal     United Kingdo
Barrick Gold mine protester beaten and burnt alive in Guatemala
A lawyer from Guatemala City consulted with 23 communities in the region – all of which pronounced against the Barrick mine – but “death threats”, among other things, had put an end to communities cooperation.       Worldwide
In 2008, reported Barrick Gold was the 4th worst company in the world
In 2009, reported Barrick Gold was the 7th worst managed gold company in the world             Canada & Worldwide
In 2010, reported Barrick Gold was the 12th least ethical company in the world      Canada
Reports online about Barrick Gold’s deadly record covering a host of Barricks “activities      United Kingdom
Reported online in May 2008 a complete research paper on Barrick Gold called:  Death & Taxes covering Barrick’s murders and their methods to avoid paying taxes        United States & worldwide
Reports online:  Mining Pariah, Barrick Gold, has many deep and incestuous relationships with Republican Party Politicians and their Canadian Counterparts.
Barrick Gold is one of the most corrupt centres of opportunism….
The core of Barrick’s business model is the trade in insider information. Strategic data is regularly brought to Barrick especially by former politicians seeking to cash in on their privileged access to state secrets and global contacts acquired in the days when they held public office.
Even superficial research reveals that the primary founder of the Barrick operation was the notorious CIA asset and Saudi arms merchant, Adnan Khashoggi.     Tanzania
Reporting on Tax Avoidance and Tax Evasion and specifying Barrick Gold as one of the companies that over stated their losses in order to avoid paying taxes.       Germany
Reported on Barrick Gold’s fraud and tax avoidance in Tanzania
……Barrick Gold …….   profiting from deception and depriving Tanzania   …. Barrick Gold did not declare payments in royalties and taxes to the government.         United Kingdom
Multiple online reports about killings at Barrick Gold’s North Mara gold mine and abuses range from forced evictions, through environmental pollution and labour rights infringements to violent attacks on local people who oppose company plans, and, and, and……..

YouTube video proving Barrick Gold Fraud         Canada
Reported about Barrick destroying ecosystems and agricultural land, they support brutal police and security operations, and sue anyone who tries to report on it.
In Tanzania, reports confirming lasting negative effects of a Barrick Gold toxic spill in Tanzania that occurred in May 2009 resulting in 203 people became ill, 43 people died, and 1358 livestock died…
Barrick responded to the report criticizing the integrity of the science            Canada
Multiple reports about horror stories on Barrick Golds mines around the world, and, and, and…….

Are the Quinn Emmanual lawyers sending threaten letters to the Wall Street Journal, the Guardian, the Times, the Globe and Mail and to these hundreds or thousands of media reporters for damage to the Barrick Gold and Acacia Mining reputation?  Who is responsible for all the Barrick Gold crimes?

This is the NEW Tanzania and we wrote many times in our blogs that we need mining companies here BUT not to work with human rights crimes and not in a corrupt and fraud way and not damaging our environment and not avoiding taxes, and, and, and……….

Now Barrick Gold and Acacia Mining sending their UK lawyers to threaten us because they know that there can be no merger unless they clean up their mess in our country.  The mess is made only by them so why are they looking outside their house?

The colonization days are finished. Please work in our country according to the values and integrity of Julius Nyerere, our ultimate Mwalimu.  He taught us the following:
Cooperation and conflict are two sides of the same coin; both arise out of man’s relationship with his fellows. The larger the group, the greater the possibility of development through cooperation, and the greater the possibility of conflict.
If real development is to take place, the people have to be involved.

We do not seek conflict.  We seek cooperation which brings trust and growth.
When will Acacia Mining see how well all their Tanzanian workers will give them service when the workers know that Acacia is cooperating with our country?
The Acacia mines will bring more fruits and the communities near the mines will become partners in the growth all around.

Kelvin Dushnisky, Brad Gordon, Juma Mwapachu, Deo Mwanyika
Your merger can happen and flourish only if you will enter the new era of cooperation in Tanzania and stop the conflict here.
Your lawyers sent threaten letters to media companies who objectively report the news as it happens.  Your threats to the media company  will never slow down our determination, in fact, quite the opposite.
Just as you see hundreds of thousands of links in Google (as described above) so we will cooperate with thousands more AllAfrica type media companies.
However, your bullying and intimidation must stop!
The people at are fine, decent, honest, genuine, news people and you send your threats, aggression and your “tough bullies” to those nice people is nothing short of a disgrace.  We demand you will reverse that offensive and unnecessary act and remove the pressure that you placed on that media group.

You threaten us to stop our anti-corruption work against your companies?
We will stop with pleasure.
We would much prefer to write positive and good karma articles about your mines and the Tanzanian Peoples in and around your mines. Please God that should be. In Shaalla

Thank you and God bless our President and all our Nation.

Will Tanzania allow a merger between Acacia Mining & Endeavour Mining?

Over a month has passed since Barrick Gold – Acacia Mining confirmed they are in merger discussions with Endeavour Mining.

An Open Letter to the President of Tanzania, Dr. J.P. Magufuli & Dr. Frederick Ringo, FCC
Copies to Prime Ministers Theresa May, Justin Trudeau, Ministers, Ambassadors, Media reporters.

We already know Acacia Mining as the “devil” of gold mining in Tanzania and their illegal activities including murder, rape, human rights crimes, corruption, fraud, tax evasion, environment damage and devastation and so much more is continually exposed.
If that is not enough, in 2016, the “Mining Bad Boy” were defendants in over 250 legal actions against them for a total amount in excess of US$230 million and apparently according to our friends in the Acacia Mining Dar es Salaam offices, 2017 is going to be much worse.

The Director General of the Tanzania’s Fair Competition Commission, Dr Fredrick Ringo, recently stated that no formal request or approach from Acacia Mining has been received to apply for any merger with Endeavour Mining.  Barrick Gold, the 63.9% owners of Acacia Mining cannot be happy with this delay in a merger!  They want a merger more than anything, and at any cost.

The Fair Competition Commission (FCC) is the formal body in Tanzania who must give an approval or a refusal for any merger in any business sector, regardless of industry.  Even after more than a month of discussions between Endeavour Mining and Acacia Mining, Dr Ringo said there is no sign given to the FCC.

That can mean either there is no deal in the wind which Barrick Gold would simply hate OR that there is a whiff of a deal and that the “Mining Bad Boy” of Tanzania, Acacia Mining, is once again doing whatever it pleases, it takes no notice of the A-Z laws of Tanzania and continues on its way of selective following of Government laws. Why not here also?  They do it with most other laws in Tanzania.

And Endeavour Mining? Much to our devastation, they are as bad if not worse than the Barrick Gold – Acacia Mining combination (that is triple as bad as each company as a stand alone).
It’s bad enough having our own “Mining Bad Boy” in Tanzania, do we need to have Endeavour as well?

Let us get down to work and really understand the issues that Dr. Ringo and the FCC must face if/when Acacia Mining knocks on their door to request a merger with Endeavour Mining.

The FCC website, , states the following:
**  The FCC  aims to promote and protect effective competition in trade and commerce and protect consumers from unfair and misleading market conduct.
**  The FCC is an integral and credible institution, leading to the attainment of a well functioning market economy and a better protected consumer.
**  The FCC‘s mission is to promote and protect effective competition in markets and protect consumer from unfair and misleading market conduct.
**  The FCC deals with all issues of anti-competitive conduct, abuse of dominance……

Finally, and most important, the FCC‘s Core Values are:  Integrity, Accountability, Independence, Confidentiality, Due process and Professionalism.

In the FCC Merger Guidelines, clause 3.3. states:
A merger is prohibited if it creates or strengthens a position of dominance in a market. Therefore, FCC will consider whether the post merger firm will result into either creation of a dominant position or strengthening the existing dominant position.

Furthermore, clause 4.2.3. states:
Pursuant to Section 11(1), a merger is prohibited if it creates or strengthens a position of dominance in a market. Therefore, the test is whether the post merger firm will result into either creation of a dominant position or strengthening the existing dominant position.

The “Mining Bad Boy” will argue that there is no market in Tanzania for gold and they focus on the export of gold to the world markets and hence, there is no dominance of any market within Tanzania.  However, this situation is quite the opposite!

Dr. Ringo and the FCC are 100% aware that our President, Dr. Magufuli, is sick and tired of the immoral behavior and dishonest performance of the “Mining Bad Boy” in their failure to operate strictly according to Tanzania laws and the President has not been “shy” to call a spade a spade, numerous times in the past few months – especially since Acacia lost their appeal against the GUILTY verdict of tax evasion only four months ago.
Already Acacia Mining’s dominance in our market has given them the courage and audacity to govern Tanzania and not our Government to govern them.
Every one of the 54 million people living in Tanzania have to deal with the daily nightmare of clause 4.2.3. in the FCC Merger Guidelines, i.e.:  Barrick Gold somehow and illegally created a position of strength and dominance in our market – simple as that!

And those who disagree about the position of strength and dominance, what will they say when Endeavour Mining throw their money and weight behind Acacia Mining?  That won’t be dominance, it will cause an earthquake for us.

Why should Barrick Gold care?  They are winning big time because a merger reduces their share from 63.9% down to around 30%.

Why should any of those international companies care?  All they want is our God-given gold and other minerals and they do everything possible NOT to pay ALL THE STATUTORY TAXES.  Instead, they build a few clinics, schools, roads and they pay to plant trees and then they try to convince the world how wonderful they are.

Why are we, Tanzanians, denied the wonderful sensations of the 21st century and our nationalistic freedom?
Instead, these international companies take us back 100 years to their cruel and wicked colonialism!
From 1880 to 1919, the Germans were here and raped our land and murdered our people either through military or starvation means.
From 1919 to 1961, the British were here and raped our land.
When Julius Nyerere, our ultimate Mwalimu, formed our first Government, what did the British leave us with?

Dr. Ringo will receive copies of our application to President Magufuli and the Attorney General, to request that the FCC statutes are amended to include all the necessary issues of COMPLIANCE to Tanzanian laws, that international and local mining companies are compelled to follow.

In addition to the above, mining companies failure to follow and comply with our laws will automatically cause the FCC to PROHIBIT any merger applications.
We expect such changes should apply to all business and industry sectors, not only mining.
Please God we will in the future become exporters of gas and electricity and other non-mining “products”, and these same amendments should apply to those companies also.
President Magufuli has the vision for our country and will surely be pleased with this initiative.

Dr. Ringo and the FCC must see through this Acacia Mining merger for what it is.  A huge weight of worry surely sits on the shoulders of our President and soon also, Dr. Ringo will feel this pressure.  We must NOT allow Tanzania to come under the influences of Endeavour Mining.

Fact Sheet on Endeavour Mining:
(In point form and full information available online)
**  Endeavour executives were exposed “interfering” and scams in presidential elections in the USA and the FBI investigated.
**  Endeavour is linked to La Mancha and linked to Mr. Naguib Sawiris, an Egyptian telecoms billionaire.
**  Mr. Sawiris also was accused of illegal political donations relating to the 2012 USA presidential elections.
**  The ex-CEO of Endeavour, Neil Woodyer, who was replaced recently by Sebastien de Montessus, was also involved in suspicious funding connected to presidential elections.

**  La Mancha is linked to Areva, a French company.  Areva were involved in a controversy over their $2.5 billion purchase of uranium miner, UraMin, after reports were received about fraud activities. Recently, the FBI were sent to investigate this also.
**  Sebastien de Montessus, the new CEO of Endeavour Mining was a member of the Executive Board and Group Deputy CEO of Areva Group and CEO of Areva Mining.  Areva is documented in the media for:
>>  Judicial investigation opened on irregularities in the Central African Republic;
>>  High Court condemns Areva for disregard of environmental regulations
>>  Numerous violation of criticality rules at nuclear fuel fabrication plants
>>  Spill of uranyl nitrate at a Areva site
And many, many more…

**  In Niger, Areva was condemned for a case for lung cancer death of a former employee at one of their mines.  Greenpeace accused Areva of neglecting the health of their workers in their mines in Niger.  Communities there were surrounded by poisoned air, contaminated soil and polluted water and also were exposed to radiation, illness and poverty — while Areva makes billions from Niger’s natural resources,”
**  Former Niger President Mamadou Tandja openly accused Areva of financing the local Tuareg rebel fighters and their rebellion
**  Areva was criticized by several NGOs for polluting underground aquifers, aggravating a chronic water shortage, and exposing its employees to uranium contamination.

**  In Namibia, Areva was involved in a payment of about N$30 million to a local company shortly after ths same Namibian company bought shares in Areva’s desalination plant.  (Money in and out??)  Both companies refused to explain the payment amid allegations that Areva’s mining company sought out political connections to advance its businesses, implicating Namibian political figures such as former Prime Minister Hage Geingob.

**  In Mongolia, it was reported that disease was found in domestic animal herds near to an Areva mine.  When the cattle started dying, even the wolves would not eat the dead animals.  Tests by the State Veterinary and Animal Breeding Agency revealed chronic poisoning.

**  Behind and above Sebastien de Montessus and Endeavour Mining is La Mancha!
This company La Mancha is the private natural resource investment vehicle of the Sawiris Family from Egypt.

**  Frank Giustra, another Canadian billionaire and close to Naguib Sawiris is also close to Stephen Dattels, an ex-Barrick Gold senior executive.
**  Giustra is known for his part in La Mancha – he was a Director.  Giustra was involved in the famous funding scandal involving Bill and Hilary Clinton and what went on before the recent elections.  Media reports stated that it would be virtually impossible for the Clinton-Giustra group to put their house in order with the USA authorities without acknowledging that the group was engaged in massive accounting fraud since its inception.
**  Giustra was Chairman of Endeavour Mining until 2007 and is still an adviser there.
He uses his relationships with Bill and Hilary Clinton to seek profit in natural disasters, including earthquakes in India and Haiti, and a hurricane in New Orleans.   One example reported was the Clinton-Giustra trip to Kazakhstan in 2005.  Supposedly, Clinton went to meet the dictator of Kazakhstan to help with HIV/AIDS issues but in fact, he was there to help Frank Giustra secure a uranium deal.
**  More reports are that Giustra had other projects in Latin America that received US taxpayer money. Giustra’s Endeavour Mining arranged for Export-Import funding in September 2010 as part of an $858 million package of loans for a copper mining project in Mexico called Baja Mining.  In truth, US taxpayers lost about $420 million.

**  And now, a look at the billionaire ultimate boss, Naguib Sawiris.  This is a man of almost unlimited power. He publicly opposed the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and he played an active role in its downfall.
**  It was reported on the questions about Sawiris and illegal political donations made to a group affiliated with the 2012 USA presidential elections.

**  In Algeria, the Court found Mr. Sawiris’s telecoms company guilty for breaching foreign-exchange regulations and fined them US$1.3 billion.

**  In Italy, it was reported by the police that Mr. Sawiris was under investigation for alleged corruption in a probe over the acquisition of the Italian mobile phone operator, Wind SpA.  The probe concerned consultancy fees of more than €90 million ($135 million) which prosecutors believe were kickbacks masked as consultancy fees.
**  Still in Italy, reports that Italy’s Tax Authorities were claiming about $75 million (€57 million) because Wind allegedly avoided paying taxes in 2009 transactions..

**  In Congo Brazzaville,  reports about Sawaris business relates to corruption involving President Denis Sassou Nguesso and the “favor” that Sawaris did for the President’s daughter – he promised to give her 20 % shares in Sawaris’s new telecom company – and for tax evasion purposes, they would do it in a Mauritius off-shore company.

**  In Iraq, reports about Sawaris exposed his relationship to Nadhmi Auchi, a close ally and financier of Sadam Hussein.  The US Government reported that Auchi was the key figure who engineered the disbursement of bribes to leading Iraqi officials who determined that Sawaris’s Orascom would have the winning bid for Iraqna, the top mobile phone operator in Iraq at the time.  Also the Pentagon stated their investigation uncovered “fraud on the Ministry of Communications by Orascom…”

**  In the UK, reports exposed Sawiris for abusing British bankruptcy laws for his personal profit.  Sawiris owned Greek telecoms company, Wind Hellas, Greece’s third largest telecom company, with 4.6 million customers and more than UK£1 billion revenue a year.  Sawaris knew that Wind Hellas was going bankrupt so he quickly moved the Wind Hellas assets and changed its address from Luxembourg to the UK.
Very quickly, this massive company had new “headquarters” in London in one office with one man!!   Then, just two weeks later, Mr. Sawiris began proceedings and Wind Hellas collapsed.  Very quickly and quietly, Sawaris formed a new company called Weather Investments and Weather Investments “bought back” the ruins of Wind Hellas for a small amount and they were back in business!
The loss to the Wind Hellas bondholders (creditors) was reported at €1.5 billion.
**  Still in the UK, it was reported that a judge ordered Mr. Sawiris to pay a former business associate more than €75 million ($104 million) in relation to the acquisition of Wind SpA.  The judge, Lord Justice Nicholas Patten described Sawiris in his judgment with the words: (Sawaris) told what can only be described as a deliberate lie about his involvement in other litigation. For this reason, I have approached his evidence with caution.

Muongo ni mwizi  – A liar is a thief.

Will Dr. Ringo give these people dominance over the gold mining industry in Tanzania?

Will Dr. Ringo allow people like Naguib Sawiris, Frank Giustra, Sebastien de Montessus and others in that group to take control of Acacia Mining (a problem of its own) in Tanzania?
Will Dr. Ringo see that the above-listed disgusting business practices are exactly the “conduct and abuse of dominance” that is stated in the FCC website and that must be avoided at all costs?
Will they interfere with our politics?
Will they operate here like they did in Niger?
And Namibia?
And Central African Republic?
And Mongolia?
And Iraq?
And France?
And Congo Brazzaville?
And in the UK?
And only God knows where else and what else they do, with no regard for human rights, for the environment, for political stability, and more – just to make bigger profits?

We repeat our request to our President and now to Dr. Ringo:
Tanzanians are finally starting to face up to ethics, honesty and integrity here in our country.
Please do NOT allow these powerful, wealthy people with the track record you can see above (and there is so much more), please don’t allow them to buy their way into our new Tanzania if there is no pre-defined perfect picture that our country and our nation will truly and justly benefit.

Dr. Ringo, you can see that their “conduct and abuse of dominance” is as clear as daylight. They are simply incapable to operate transparently but instead these people create their businesses and hide behind their confusing camouflage safety nets. Referring back to the FCC Core Values of Integrity and Accountability – you can see these people do NOT fit in to the new Tanzania.

Thank you and God bless our President and all our Nation.

Acacia Mining – Buzwagi Mine Deception & Scam in President Magufuli’s Face

By: Samantha Cole

How much lower will Barrick Gold and Acacia Mining stoop down to try manipulate their way to extra profits?  And right in the face of the President of Tanzania?

Firstly, a few words of background from the Mining Technology specialist website:
Buzwagi Gold Mine is located near the district of Kahama in the Shinyanga region of Tanzania. For our overseas readers, please click on the link below to see the location of the mine:,33.462038,7z/data=!4m12!1m6!3m5!1s0x0:0x60f4076b401f729c!2sBuzwagi+Gold+Mine!8m2!3d-3.8639977!4d32.6710224!3m4!1s0x0:0x60f4076b401f729c!8m2!3d-3.8639977!4d32.6710224

The Buzagwi mine is 100% owned and operated by Pangea Minerals which is 100% owned by Acacia Mining which, in turn, is owned 63.9% by Barrick Gold.
Some years ago, it was the single largest open-pit mining operation in Tanzania.
In 2011-2012, there were over 2,000 people employed at the mine.

Barrick Gold purchased the Buzwagi mine in 2000. The feasibility studies of the mine were completed in 2006. The development of the mine began in 2007 and was completed in 2009.   The mine commenced operations in May 2009 and was expected to be shut-down in 2022.

The Information Centre for the Extractives Sector (ICES) in Kenya reports about problems in the mining industry and promotes knowledge, transparency and evidence.
The ICES reported today that Acacia Mining published their (new) assessment that Acacia expect a 40 percent boost from a mine-life extension of Buzwagi gold mine in 2017.  The Acacia assessment is based on a record output last year and proposed more than doubling its dividend, reflecting a jump in net cash.

Following this public announcement, Acacia Mining stock exchange shares rose more than 6.5 percent by 08:20am GMT, whilst the wider sector was flat.

Acacia Mining’s CEO, Brad Gordon was quoted as saying:  “2016 was another successful year for Acacia as we delivered record production, reduced our all-in sustaining costs by 14 percent and more than doubled our net cash position.”   For the coming year, a six-month extension of mining at Buzwagi will lead to a 40 percent output increase versus 2016, the company said in a statement. Analysts said the company’s results easily beat expectations.

Herein lies yet more deception, double standards and falsehoods from Barrick Gold and Acacia Mining, and what is the root of this evil?
Actually, analysts say the answer is very simple.  The answer is “Endeavour Mining”.

In fact, analysts are saying that Barrick Gold and Acacia Mining are “dressing up the bride” to make her more attractive for Endeavour Mining to come to the table for a merger.  It is no secret that for over 8 months Barrick Gold have been trying so hard to sell off its daughter company, Acacia Mining, but there have been no takers.  No other company in the world has been in the least interested in Acacia Mining – not because of the production but because of the terrible problems and scandals that surround Acacia in Tanzania.  Now comes along Endeavour Mining and in mid-January, they make a public statement that they are in discussions with Acacia Mining to merge the company.

Analysts reported in the media that if the merger happens (God forbid for Tanzania) then Endeavour will take control.  Mother Barrick Gold knows this only too well as well.  So, what do they do this week?  They make this announcement of the 40 percent boost in production – they know perfectly well that the announcement will drive their shares up – and this will put them into a stronger position to have a bigger piece of the “merger cake” when/if Endeavour take over the control of Acacia.

So, the question is “where is the deception and double standards”?

It was only a few months ago that the Buzwagi Mines’s Sustainability Manager, Mr. George Mkanza, told journalists that there was no hope for Buzwagi to do better after the year (2016), unless the new technology is used. He added that production declined and the company incurred a big loss and that they lost Sh40 billion during the first half of 2016.
The Planning Manager, Ms. Zonnastraal Mumbi, complained that Buzwagi only has the potential to produce under 900,000 ounces of gold and other sad woes.
The Business Improvement and Mining Manager, Mr Rodney Burgess concluded by saying that Acacia would close the mine in December 2017.

We asked a stock broker at the Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange how he and his colleagues viewed this whole yo-yo up and down situation.
The answer he gave is that everyone can see how obvious it is that Acacia threatened to close Buzagwi mine in retaliation against the President who, just weeks before, publicly told Acacia Mining to go back home if they do not make profits (but declare hundreds of millions of Dollars in dividends overseas).
In addition, analysts are saying that the timing of Acacia’s announcement to close Buzwagi mine end of 2017 was planned to scare the President and also the Appeal Board who was exactly at that time dealing with Barrick Gold and Acacia Mining’s appeal against the Tax Evasion guilty verdict handed down about six months earlier.
In fact, even the Bizwagi mine managers made sure that the journalists reported that more than 1,300 people will lose jobs and Kahama District Council will miss out on Sh1.7 billion that it has been getting every year as a service levy.

So we have the “Mining Bad Boy” of Tanzania using the closure of the Buzwagi mine as a threat against the President and to try scare him into taking a lower profile position against Acacia Mining and then suddenly, hocus pocus, only a matter of a few months later, Endeavour Mining pops up onto the Tanzania mining scene and the “Mining Bad Boy” of Tanzania does a 180 degree turn and try to deceive the public and Endeavour Mining with the announcement that Acacia expect a 40 percent boost from a mine-life extension of Buzwagi gold mine in 2017.

Barrick Gold and Acacia Mining were so sure that our President Magufuli would be afraid of their threats and crumble at the knees – just like in the old Colonization days.
But NO, President Magufuli came back even stronger and harder on Acacia Mining.

If Endeavour Mining are planning to come into Tanzania on the back of Acacia Mining, just look at the terrible public track records of their CEO, Sébastien de Montessus and their back stage financier, the Egyptian billionaire, Naguib Sawiris.
A few examples of the scandals of these two include alleged fraud of billions of dollars (no-one really knows how much) and even recently the US Government instructed the FBI to start a full investigation.  Besides this mega-fraud, is a history cancer death, reports of corruption and implicating political figures through alleged bribes, violations of rules at nuclear fuel fabrication plants,  disregard of environmental regulations, poisoned air, contaminated soil and polluted water, polluting underground aquifers, aggravating a chronic water shortage, and exposing its employees to uranium contamination, public accusations of funding rebels.
Do we need such businessmen in Tanzania?
For more detailed information to see the real bowl of poisoned spaghetti that stands behind Endeavour Mining, please read our January blog about the possible merger between Acacia Mining and Endeavour Mining.

President Magufuli – Your nation stands behind you and trusts your judgment and courage to oppose these international business rogues and their manipulations, deceptions, frauds and corruptions.

God bless you, Sir and God bless all of Tanzania


Acacia Mining – A drop of praise amidst the flood of chaos & despair. But the net is closing in.

Let’s call a spade a spade!

The “Mining Bad Boy” of Tanzania, Acacia Mining, owned 63.9% by “Mining Bigger Bad Boy”, Barrick Gold, has its few moments of goodwill whilst in parallel, they cause grief and anguish in Tanzania.

The apple does not fall far from the tree because Acacia Mining’s parent company, Barrick Gold, reek havoc and misery wherever they go in the world.

Since Tanzanian’s are know as a gentle, docile and kind Nation, let’s first enjoy the moment of good Karma and talk about Acacia Mining’s moment of goodwill and kindness  – and let’s enjoy it and savour it because so sadly there are too few of these moments!

One of our info contributors from the city of Kahama sent us information that recently, the residents started to see the start of the “one moment of kindness” towards Tanzania on the part of Acacia Mining.

About a week ago, as also reported in the media, they saw the start of the initial stages of Acacia Mining’s campaign to fund the planting of 1,600,000 trees!  Yes, you read correctly! Acacia are funding a campaign to plant 1,6 million trees and the first stage of a half a million trees started in and around the city of Kahama, located about 10 km’s from Acacia’s Buzwagi mine, in the Kahama district, near to Shinyanga.

This is truly an amazing and generous gesture – especially because Acacia Mining get nothing back for their “investment” into our environment.  That is certainly unusual and we have to say a big THANK YOU to Acacia Mining for this.

This is not the first time the Kahama district has received support from Acacia Mining.  About a year ago, the Mwendakulima Health Centre, funded and furnished by the Buzwagi mine, went into operation providing basic medical services for the communities around the Acacia mine.  Indeed, another thank you albeit to benefit the mines workers as well, which loops the benefit back to Acacia Mining.

However, planting trees benefits our environment and makes our world a better place.  Calling a spade a spade, this tree planting campaign is an investment in a league of its own.

On the other side of the coin, we will still call a spade a spade.

Acacia Mining reported plans to spend US$ 2 million to improve their image in Tanzania?  Do they not understand that their public reports to their shareholders are far from reality and Tanzanian’s living in and around all the communities of Acacia’s three operating mines live the nightmare of ongoing problems causing chaos and despair at family and community level and God knows what problems our Government have with the blatant unlawful and dishonest ways that Acacia Mining does their business in Tanzania.

The Chairman of Acacia Mining is Kelvin Dushnisky.  He is also the President of Barrick Gold.  As the “Mining Bad Boy” of Tanzania, should we be surprised at their business methods when quite obviously Barrick Gold pulls the strings and lays down policies for operations in Tanzania.  After all, if you compare Barrick Gold’s record of human rights crimes, environment damage, fraud and more in all the overseas countries where Barrick operate, you will see a copy of how Acacia operates in Tanzania.  They do the same, with a different name.

And now they are trying to pull Endeavour Mining into a merger so we might get the new CEO, Sébastien de Montessus on our Tanzania soil?  God help us with his disastrous background record with Areva and UraMin Mining.

He was on Executive Board and Group Deputy CEO of Areva Group and the CEO of Areva Mining, connected to an alleged fraud of billions of dollars (no-one really knows how much).  That was some years ago and surely much to the worries of de Montessus, recently the US Government entered the Areva nightmare and instructed the FBI to start a full investigation.  Besides the mega-fraud, is a history cancer death, reports of corruption and implicating political figures through alleged bribes, violations of rules at nuclear fuel fabrication plants,  disregard of environmental regulations, poisoned air, contaminated soil and polluted water, polluting underground aquifers, aggravating a chronic water shortage, and exposing its employees to uranium contamination, public accusations of funding rebels.  Do we need such businessmen in Tanzania?
For more detailed information to see the real bowl of poisoned spaghetti that stands behind Endeavour Mining, please read our January blog about the possible merger between Acacia Mining and Endeavour Mining – God help us!

Moving back to our “Mining Bad Boy” of Tanzania, another of our info contributors shared with us some info about the Acacia Mining North Mara airstrip.  By chance, whilst our contributor was talking to workers at North Mara mine,  a plane came in to land on the runway.  We looked up and found the location – even showing runway number 29 in this link.,34.5446575,781m/data=!3m1!1e3
The length of the runway is a little over 1 km long.

This reminds us of President Magufuli’s speech towards the end of last year in which he said that some gold mines have private airstrips and the authorities were not able to monitor what the mining company’s planes were transporting from the gold mines out of Tanzania.  And the President is correct.  Google Earth shows the distance from North Mara’s airstrip to the Kenya border as less than 14 km’s.  A plane flies that distance in less time than it takes to make a cup of tea!

We are confident that our President will soon send to Acacia Mining a knock on the door at the airstrip, where they will be disappointed to find a new Customs Office to control who and what comes into and goes out from that airstrip.
The net is closing in!!

Can everyone be wrong about how Tanzania is losing huge amounts of money from these overseas miners ?  As an example, about 9 years ago, a Norwegian organization financed an investigative report as where and how our country are losing out in the gold mining sector.  So sad that year after year, decade after decade, our gold goes out the country, overseas investors earn hundreds of millions maybe billions of US Dollars and what do we get in direct proportion to those overseas earning?  The answer is an embarrassment to our country.
So what has changed all the years down the line?
The answer is :  President Magufuli!

Last year, Ami Mpungwe, the Chairman of  the Tanzania Chamber of Minerals and Energy (TCME), stood up for the mines and said that the Government benefits directly from royalty payments of 4 or 5 per cent depending on minerals produced which is charged on gross turnover.  He also said that as a result of mines that were constructed, rural communities have had access to power and water supplies where there none, thus enabling improvement of the quality of life that prior to the arrival of investors, might have seemed unattainable in rural Tanzania.

Hello? Ami? Obviously you will support the miners. After all, they pay the TCME, so your loyalties lie with them.  But in fact, when you so proudly talk about the royalty payments of 4 or 5 per cent, you carefully leave out the most important factor and that is “4 or 5 per cent of what?”.
It is public knowledge that Acacia Mining mix their mining sand.  Last year, media reports exposed the exports of Acacia’s mining sand allegedly as fraudulent and at one time, President Magufuli placed a ban on the export of mining sand.

This question of “how is the royalty calculated” will really clarify if the country is truly benefitting from the gold mining. Needless to say, the government mines authorities are studying this subject very carefully so companies like Acacia Mining who are suspected of this “sand mix” problem need to be concerned.
The net is closing in!!

More hurtful to us all is the TCME attitude as to how wonderful is the quality of life for our People in the communities around these mines.  Hello? Ami?  Where is this wonderful water you talk about?  We are researching the water problems and will report soon about this very serious problem for our rural communities.   However, we can say to you, Ami Mpungwe, that after you read our research about the water problems, we expect you to resign from the TCME since the world will see how you are totally disconnected from the realities of the mining industry that you are paid “to represent”.  Simple as that, Sir!

We continue with our Nation’s ongoing battle to contribute positively towards changing the old reality of why Tanzania, so rich in God-given minerals, is still amongst the 25 poorest countries in the world (according to Business Insider, UK).  What is the explanation for this tragedy?
There is still no one single answer to the question.
According to our professors and analysts, the recent decades of weak policies and suspicious mining contracts definitely contributed to the unfavorable situation we find ourselves in.

We all know “where to from here” – hard work, increased public awareness, support for our President and unbreakable determination to drive forward our efforts on behalf of the thousands that encourage us to inspire Barrick Gold & Acacia Mining to fix their mess and operate cleanly, legally and transparently in our country, Tanzania.  Solutions come from dialogue and actions, not from US$ 2 million advertising campaigns.  😦

Acacia Mining CEO finally admits in public: “….. CRITICS MAY HAVE A VALID POINT”


This week at the Indaba 2017 Convention in Cape Town, Brad Gordon, the CEO of Acacia Mining, gave his speech and presentation.  We found a copy of the presentation on the Acacia Mining website.

Is Mr. Gordon finally waking up to the reality that Tanzanian’s are not as sleepy as he and Kelvin Dushnisky thought?  And all the Barrick Gold Board of Directors?  And all the Acacia Mining Board of Directors?  They all sit overseas in their posh offices earning hundreds of millions of US Dollars a year and they use all sorts of schemes not to pay their fair and legal taxes in Tanzania?

We are proud of our President, Dr. Magufuli, for standing up in public this past year and fighting the war on behalf of his Nation against corruption and fraud and tax evasion.  And make no mistake, President Magufuli has made his point publically and blatantly about Acacia Mining. Is that the reason that Acacia Mining is starting a process to run away from Tanzania and start mining in other African countries?
After all, according to the website of Tanzania’s Ministry of Mines, Acacia Mining have many dozens of mining licenses for new concessions.  Can it be that the concessions are all bad and useless and have no value?  Are all of the concessions so poor that Acacia must go buying into mining in Kenya, and Mali and Burkino Fasso?

Kelvin Dushnisky, the Chairman of Acacia Mining and the President of Barrick Gold, and all his colleagues, have all learned the hard way that the days of manipulating “the little Black man” are gone.  They are all shocked by President Magufuli’s courage and wisdom to protect his Nation by stopping the corruption, fraud and tax evasion.

Can you blame our President if he thinks the old fashion saying;
“I don’t know what’s worse: People who lie, or people who think I am stupid enough to believe their lies.”

Brad Gordon said in an interview in Cape Town that “… we need to look at the distribution of that wealth and how taxes are paid”.  What are we missing here?  Since when does our Government and the TRA (Revenue Authorities) need Acacia Mining to look at how taxes are paid?  And if Mr. Gordon intended that Acacia needs to look internally at how to pay their taxes, that is even worse because for better or worse, Acacia must pay taxes according to TRA demands.  Whatever way you choose to understand Mr. Gordon’s statement, it is a disgrace and a slap in our Governments face.

We see here what hypocrites these Barrick Gold and Acacia Mining people really are.  Look at these double standards using the Acacia presentation on their website:
(The cherry on the top comes at the end…)

On page 4, Acacia writes about “Our Strategy” and they claim that they work towards zero harm; additional focus on Government dialogue; delivery on community commitments; enhanced public relations profile.

How deceitful can Mr. Gordon be?  Is this the same company who has been reported for murder, rape, environment destruction, corruption, tax evasion, fraud and the list goes on?  How can Acacia claim all the above when the reality is out in the public domain and the truth is quite the opposite of their claims?

On page 5, Acacia writes about “Our Operating Philosophy” and they claim that they create a sustainable competitive advantage based on core competencies and that they will never outsource Government and community relationships.

It is clear to us Tanzanians that Acacia Mining and Barrick Gold will do whatever it takes to create your competitive edge – at any cost, regardless if legal or if you need some corrupt assistance like the media reported about the corruption investigation ongoing with Acacia and one or more officials in the Ministry of Mines who allegedly acted for Acacia against a local company called Bismark Mining & Hotel.

Now let’s look at what Acacia writes on this page that they “will never outsource Government and community relationships”.
Is this a joke? Or sarcasm? Or an insult to our President?
The two things Acacia desperately needs in Tanzania are relationships with our Government and with our communities (around Acacia operations).

So, Mr. Gordon, you clearly need to replace all your senior staff at your Dar offices since they are obviously making a total mess. And your top “Mr. Fix-it” (as people in your Dar office call him) urgently needs to be replaced as he is causing more trouble in Tanzania than you realize (whilst you and Mr. Kelvin Dushnisky sit overseas in your offices).

Therefore, your statement about “never outsource….” needs to be reversed and you should immediately appoint a local Tanzanian specialist company to provide “relationship” services to Acacia Mining and Barrick Gold.

Oh, we almost forgot about your announcement this week that you plan to spend about US$ 2 million on a campaign in Tanzania, in print, radio and television, to boost and improve the Acacia Mining name and image and reputation.

Needless to say that in the near future, you will add this US$ 2 million to your total that you “invested in Tanzania” and then you will brag to the world how much money Acacia contributes to the economy here.

But in fact, you are wasting your US$ 2 million.  The People don’t need to hear more blah-blah words and see propaganda pictures.
We want to watch you pay your taxes and export royalties legally and morally without any “changes” to the mixture of copper and gold in the mining sand.
We want to see that you stop destroying our environment.
We want to know that you are fighting corruption and not feeding it.

Stop with the problems and fix your relationship with our Government.
What is so difficult about that?  You can cancel your US$ 2 million campaign – it is unnecessary.  Your actions speaks louder than your words.
Barrick Gold messed up in Tanzania.  Acacia Mining inherited the Barrick mess and added to the mess. Start a fresh page and fix all the mess and move onwards with a new start which will surely rally the support of the Government and the People behind you. So what if it costs you money and your profits are less for a year or two but then after that, you will fly in Tanzania!

On page 7, Acacia writes more about “Relationships – Mining & Governments” and that Acacia needs to address misconceptions about the mining industry and Acacia continues with the following that can only be defined as fantasy fanfare:
>>   …. a lack of trust between mining companies and Governments
>>   …. lack of communication led to an ‘imagination gap’ between the realities faced by mining operations and the perceptions of Government
>>   …. need a fresh approach to re-boot these relationships
>>   …. need to address misconceptions about the mining industry and the cycle of mistrust needs to be broken and a shared narrative developed

What misconceptions is Acacia Mining referring to?
Is murder not murder?
Is rape not rape?
How terrible must environment damage be before it is called what it really is?
Is there a legal kind of corruption and fraud?
Are Tanzanian’s all so dense and dimwitted that all the crimes and deceit that we are exposed to on Barrick Gold and Acacia Mining’s part, are ALL MISCONCEPTIONS?   Is this yet another insult and slap in our President’s face and indeed in the faces of all Tanzanians?  In fact, is it not true that Acacia holds the “cycle of trust” in their hands to fix?

The Tanzania Nation will agree you need to re-boot your relationship and you need to do it urgently.  Start with our President first.  But pay all your taxes before you ask for a meeting.

On page 9, Acacia writes more about “Highlighting our contribution” and they are quick to state that over US$3 billion of capital invested into Tanzania in the last 15 years and they built three mines and expanded a fourth.
Sadly, Acacia are not quick to include how badly their mother company, Barrick Gold manipulated and abused the Tanazania mining system in 2013 by closing down the Tulawaka Mine and transferring it to Stamico (Tanzania’s State Mining Corporation).

In doing so, Barrick Gold weaseled and slithered (in the lowest sense possible) themselves away from the complete responsibility of the full rehabilitation of the mine and the surrounding area of land.  It was public knowledge how terribly Barrick Gold exploited the weaknesses and flaws in the system (should we go down the road of corruption here as well?)

The bottom line was that Barrick Gold walked away from the Tulawaka Mine, laughing all the way to the bank.  Is this not an insult of the highest degree that this disgusting Tulawaka scandal by Barrick Gold is included in this “highlighting our contribution”? Talk about laughing in our faces!?

On page 10, Acacia writes about “Aligning with Government aims” and they have the audacity to include the words:  Free from corruption.  Really? Seriously?
Any Google research of tax evasion shows that corruption and tax evasion are coupled together.  There are multiple millions of links in Google that highlight this point.
Barrick Gold and Acacia Mining – “Free from corruption”? Astounding that they can even write these words!  Twice, within 6 months last year, Barrick – Acacia were found guilty of tax evasion.

On page 11, Acacia writes about “Creating high-tech hubs” and they are proud to state that every year they move over 40 million tonnes of earth and they utilise the best global technology to make this happen.  In addition, they claim their mines are as advanced as any mine in the world.

Frankly, who could possibly doubt this?  After all, they list above over US$3 billion of capital invested into Tanzania in the last 15 years. Probably close to all that money has been for Barrick Gold (Acacia Mining) and they have to impress their shareholders who demand dividends, so?

Is Acacia Mining to be complimented for achieving this? Should less be expected?

Finally, on page 13, they write “Aiming to create Sustainable Communities” and they continue declaring that their goal is to create communities that enjoys good access to strategic social infrastructure such as health services, water and sanitation and education.  Does Acacia Mining have no shame to write about water (amongst other factors) where they know that the North Mara mine is a huge problem for water in the region but they successfully swept this under the carpet.  (Is this more “free from corruption”?)

Anyone researching North Mara water will see water problems going back many, many years!  But let’s try be objective and look only at the past 12 months.

In January and February 2016, the media reported that due to complaints from communities around North Mara mine, the Government were investigating the water and they wanted proof via testing that the water was safe.  Even Deputy Environment Minister Luhaga Mpina personally took a leading part in the investigation. What results from water testing?
Nothing!  All swept under the carpet.

One of our group contacted Dep. Minister Mpina directly to ask for the progress of the testing.
Nothing!  All swept under the carpet.  (Is this more “free from corruption”?)

However, on 3 May 2016, a laboratory testing report was published on behalf of the National Ground Water Association regarding the North Mara water.  Very briefly, as a summary, the report stated:
>>  Eleven trace elements (Al, As, Cd, Co, Cr, Cu, Fe, Mn, Ni, Pb, and Zn) were determined, and averages of Fe and Al concentrations were higher than levels accepted by the Tanzanian drinking water guideline.
>>  Levels of Pb in three samples were higher than the World Health Organization (WHO) and United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) drinking water guidelines of 10 and 15 µg/L, respectively.
>>  One sample contained a higher As level than the WHO and USEPA guideline of 10 µg/L.
>>  Analysis confirmed a relationship between element concentration and distance of a sampling site from the mine tailings dam. This relationship raises concerns about the increased risks of trace elements to people and ecosystem health.
>>  A metal pollution index also suggested a relationship between elemental concentrations in the groundwater and the sampling sites’ proximity from the mine tailings dam.

On 20 June 2016, this writer contacted Dep. Minister Mpina again.  This time, the question was regarding the TSh 40 million fines that Dep Minister Mpina was involved in issuing in January 2016 for companies breaching environment management laws and regulations.  Dep Minister shrugged off the question and simply answered “Thanx Samantha NEMC will respond accordingly”.
Nothing!  All swept under the carpet.

On 18 July 2016, the media reported that residents in communities around the region near the Acacia North Mara Gold Mine still insisted that the water was not safe for human consumption.
After that… Nothing!  All swept under the carpet.

We are now one year past Dep Minister Mpina’s on site investigation where he took water samples.  And no solution to this ever surfaced. And the risk and danger still remains for the women, men, elderly, children and their animals and cattle in communities around the region near the Acacia North Mara Gold Mine – and we did not even raise the danger factors for the fish and water fauna and flora in the rivers and streams in that region.

As much as our President Magufuli is busy and under pressure with managing our country’s affairs, we hope the President will agree that this is a matter of possible fraud and corruption for the PCCB to investigate.
More important, our People around North Mara mine need genuine clean water.

So it is not hard to understand the extent of deceit and double standards on the part of Barrick Gold and Acacia Mining when they declare publically “aiming to create Sustainable Communities that enjoys good access to water and sanitation!

If all of the above is not enough to raise the hairs at the back of your necks, then the following may well make you fall off your chairs!
The following must be the height of disingenuousness, hypocrisy and deception in what they write in this same presentation to the Indaba earlier this week:

On page 2 of the presentation, the following extracts appears regarding the contents of the presentation (that we analyzed above) and which was presented publically by Brad Gordon in Cape Town:
>>  Neither Acacia Mining nor any of its directors, officers, partners, employees, affiliates, agents, consultants, advisors or representatives has verified, or will verify, any part of this presentation……
>>  Acacia Mining nor any of its Associates makes any warranty, express or implied, as to the fairness, adequacy, accuracy or completeness of the information in this presentation……
>>  The information or opinions contained in this presentation or any written or oral information made available to any person does not purport to be comprehensive and has not been independently verified.

And they go on…. Telling us that whatever their presentation states is not verified by anyone and it might not be true.  What can we comment about the double standards of such people?  Are there words for people who publically make statements and then in the same breath say that these statements may not be true?
Does it get any worse than this?  Maybe the worse to still to come?

Acacia Mining and Endeavour Mining both confirmed they are in merger talks.  We already wrote a blog about “Ni bora shetani unaemjua kuliko shetani usiemjua – Better the devil you know, than the devil you don’t know!”
We wonder if the US$2 million campaign that Acacia Mining are planning to boost their image and reputation, will they include the fact that the USA Government has recently instructed the FBI to investigate the UraMin scandal involving alleged fraud of well over US$ 1 billion – and surprise surprise – the CEO of Endeavour Mining today, Mr. Sébastien de Montessus, was the past CEO and President of this same UraMin mining company!  Is this the quality of “leader” that Acacia Mining chooses to bring to our gold-rich country?

We asked this question in our blog last week and it still bothers us:  Can it be that the God-given gold in our country is a magnet for these “types” of people?

Mr. President, our thanks for your hard work and God bless you and God bless Tanzania and God bless our Nation.

Samantha Cole