Prepare for a shocking journey to see the level of devastation, hurt, suffering, maltreatment, manipulation and more…. from the most powerful gold mining company in the world !

What Really Happened at the Barrick Gold Mine in Tanzania in 1996?
An international NGO fact-finding mission is calling on the Canadian government to support its call for a full and independent public inquiry into the alleged 1996 forced evictions and burial of miners at the Canadian-owned Bulyanhulu gold mine in Tanzania.

Buried Alive? The Bulyanhulu accusations in 2001
Barrick accused of burying more than 50 African miners alive.

Tailings dam leak Western Australia downplayed by Barrick in 2004
A report by the Western Australian Government released last week revealed a tailings dam holding toxic waste at Kalgoorlie leaked and contaminated groundwater and an area of about 20 kilometres.

Chile’s environmental Commission opposed to Barrick’s glacier removal plan in 2005
The Chile Commission asked Barrick not to relocate three glaciers in the Andes Mountains.

Barrick open-pit mine in Papua New Guinea became a battleground in 2006
Clashes between security forces and small-scale miners have left at least 8 dead and hundreds injured.

Barrick mining conflict leaves two dead in Perú in 2006
Thousands protested to demand investigations and justice after the deaths of two of their members who were killed in a confrontation between police and community members. The incident took place Friday May 5, and left an additional twenty persons seriously injured, among them some policemen.

Barrick mine in Taznania stalled by strike in 2007
Production at the Bulyanhulu gold mine in Tanzania was halted due to what Barrick termed an “illegal” strike, and that it fired about half of the mine’s work force.

Tanzanians call for closure of deadly Canadian-owned mine in 2009
Accusations were growing that the world’s premier gold mining company, Barrick of Canada, was responsible for a poisonous leak from its North Mara gold mine in May 2009, which allegedly caused the deaths of around twenty people and numerous heads of cattle.

Barrick spills toxic sludge into Tanzania rivers in 2009
A major spill of toxic sludge was reported from Barrick’s North Mara mine in Tanzania, into rivers which are a source of water for more than two and a half thousand households.

The Norwegian government pension fund dropped its shares in Canada’s Barrick Gold  in 2009
As a result of its findings of “serious environmental damage” and bBased on a recommendation from the Council on Ethics for the Norwegian Government Pension Fund, the Norway Ministry of Finance excluded Barrick from the Fund.

Tanzanians call for closure of deadly Barrick mine in 2009
According to accusations from locals, as a direct result of the contaminated water , more than 20 people have died in recent weeks plus health hazards to livestock and land in Kebasula Ward in Tarime, where the mine is located.

Canadian Parliamentary hearings :  Barrick accused of gang rapes at Porgera, Papua New Guinea in 2009
Damning testimony was given against Barrick.  The company’s security force was accused of systematic rape at its Porgera Mine in Papua New Guinea.  MPs told of gang rapes at mine

Three workers killed in Barrick mine collapse in Tanzania in 2010
Barrick suspended operations at a mine in Tanzania after three workers were killed in a cave-in, one week before shares in the spin-off company were expected to begin trading on the London Stock Exchange

Amnesty International declared: Forced evictions and police brutality around the Barrick Porgera gold mine in 2010
Police forcibly evicted villagers living alongside the Porgera gold mine in Papua New Guinea. Families were forced to flee from their homes as police burned down their houses.

Chile Government study:  Barrick’s mine threatens glaciers in 2010
The prospect of halting the huge Pascua Lama gold project in its tracks has receded in recent years, despite continuing citizens’ opposition in both Chile and Argentina. Barrick accused by Chile’s national water commission of endangering glaciers close to the mining concession – even before extraction has started and accused of failing to comply with environmental legislation

Vigil held for those killed for opposing mining companies in 2010
25 protesters held a vigil for community leaders in Latin America, killed by mining companies, across the street from one of the largest mining conferences in the world.  They held up photos of several Central American activist who were killed for their role in opposing Canadian mining companies. During speeches they spoke out against Canadian mining companies including Blackfire, Pacific Rim, and Barrick Gold.

Shooting Gold Diggers at Barrick African Mine Coincides With Record Prices in 2010
Barrick’s “security” means in practice as local small scale miners die, or are injured, in clashes with police.

Murders at Barricks North Mara mine in 2011
Seven Tanzanian citizens were shot dead by “security forces”, and a dozen others injured.

Dominican Republic:  Dozens injured at Barrick’s Pueblo Viejo mine in 2012
Police remain deployed at the entrance of the Barrick Pueblo Viejo mine, to block access to the group of marchers who demand the revision of the exploitation contract with the Dominican Government, the allocation of 5% of the profits for the community and more jobs

Deadly clash at Barrick mine in Peru in 2012
One killed, four injured in clashes between police and protesters.

Rape Victims Must Sign Away Rights to Get Remedy from Barrick in 201
Following years of denial, Barrick is implementing a remedy program for victims of rape by employees of its Porgera mine in Papua New Guinea. In order to receive a remedy package, women must enter into an agreement in which “the claimant agrees that she will not pursue or participate in any legal action against Barrick or its’ affiliates in or outside of Papua New Guinea.

Chile blocks its most ambitious mining project in 2013
Barrick served a US$16.4 million fine and told to halt operations at its Pascua Lama project until it takes measures to prevent water contamination however, eleven Chilean organizations state that the fine pales in significance beside the damage the project has already caused.

Tarime Boy Drowns in Barrick’s Gold Mine Sand Pit in 2013
Three people died in separate incidents in Mara Region including a fifteen-year-old boy

Why NZ Super dumped Barrick Gold in 2013
Concerns at the treatment of workers and the environment at the Barrick Gold’s mines has led to the NZ Super Fund removing them from its portfolio.
Super Fund publicly denounced Barrick as socially irresponsible.

Gold mines collapse in 2013
Will this be the end of golden days in Tanzania as glitter of gold fades?
After years of super profits, Tanzania’s gold mining sector is facing a serious crisis as gold prices tumble down this week from a record $1900 to $1,277 per ounce at the beginning of this year.

Barrick doesn’t “Pay a dime” in corporate tax in 2013
Third extractive industry report points finger at gold mining companies

Again deadly clashes at Barrick’s Porgera Mine in 2013
Following the fatal shooting of four local people by company security guards and members of Police, violent clashes erupted between local people, police and company security guards at Barrick’s Porgera mine in Papua New Guinea.

Barrick’s confidential compensation agreements questioned at troubled Tanzania mine in 2013
A previously confidential legal waiver, forced to light by litigation in England, raises serious questions about Barrick’s handling of alleged violence against civilians by police and security guards at its North Mara mine in Tanzania.

Tanzania’s gold rush and housing crush in 2014
Villagers say mining has polluted water and destroyed homes, but Canadian Barrick denies all charges.

Killings Continue at a Canadian-Owned Mine in Tanzania in 2014
Kibwabwa Ghati was herding cattle when he was shot to death.

Villagers’ houses burnt down again at Barrick’s mine in Papua New Guinea in 2014
Repeat of 2009’s gross human rights violations follow failed resettlement negotiations, police Mobile Units evicted residents from Wingima village near Barrick’s Porgera mine and burnt down some 200 houses, according to reports from eye witnesses in Porgera as well as from local Member of Parliament Nixon Mangape.

State of Emergency for Barrick’s Porgera mine in 2014
Five people were killed on the mine site late last year, while attempting to forage specks of gold – and in the months since, there have been a number of confrontations between illegal miners and local police.
Audio available at:

British Govt intervenes in killings at African Barrick Gold’s Tanzania mine in 2014
Killings at UK-owned Tanzanian gold mine alarm MP’s

Violence Ongoing at  Barrick Mine in Tanzania in 2014
A human rights assessment conducted between late June and mid-July 2014 at Barrick’s North Mara Mine. in Tanzania by MiningWatch Canada and the British NGO, Rights and Accountability in Development (RAID), confirms reports of ongoing excessive use of force by police guarding the mine, resulting in deaths and serious injuries of villagers from the surrounding area.

Barrick Gold in Court in London in 2014
Barrick sued in the United Kingdom by Tanzanian villagers for deaths and injuries allegedly caused by security and police guarding the company’s North Mara mine.

Barrick Gold refuses to relocate villagers who suffer murder, rape and house burning in 2014
A representative of thousands of people who live in the highlands of Papua New Guinea went to Canadian Parliament Hill to tell Canadians about troubled relationship with Barrick Gold.

London students’ horror at Dominican Republic mines in 2014
Three London students were shocked by what they found last winter when they visited the Barrick mines

Lawyers Say Barrick Thwarts Access to Justice for Victims of Violence in 2014
New evidence is emerging that Barrick’s dealings with victims of violence by mine security and police at mine sites in Papua New Guinea and in Tanzania is primarily designed to protect the company from legal action, rather than to provide fair remedy for women who have been raped and men who have been hurt or killed by mine security.

Africa Barrick Gold changes its name to Acacia Mining in 2014
      Whether change of corporate name implies ‘foul play’
Dr. Honest Ngowi
Business School of Mzumbe University.

Survivors alleged rape and killing at Barricks Papua New Guineam mine settle with Barrick in 2015
EarthRights International (ERI) negotiated a settlement of claims by 14 individuals from Papua New Guinea in relation to a variety of alleged acts of violence concerning the Barricks Porgera Mine.

At least 19 dead after illegal mine collapses in Tanzania in 2015
Tunnel collapsed close to Acacia Bulyanhulu gold mine

And we will continue to add all the time…..

The Tanzanian public have every right to know some small part of the facts concerning the treatment of their local business people, i.e. Bismark.

Barrick / Acacia are powerful enough to weather almost any storm.  Their PR machine is certainly a “super power” in its own right.  Nevertheless, all things being equal, let the Tanzanians know the truth.  Let all Tanzanian businessmen who would like to deal with Barrick/Acacia be “warned and fore-armed”.

Is this not the least we can do ?


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