Acacia Mining criticises leadership in sports club – is the pot calling the kettle black?

By Samatha Cole of Tanzania Business Ethics

Acacia Mining pulls out from sponsor deal for Stand United due to a deepening leadership crisis in the club.
Oh? When did Acacia Mining become such Saints in leadership that they can break their obligations and commitments in a sponsorship that will probably bring about the end of the sports club?

What happened to all the righteous and saintly assurances and media promises that are to be found all over the Acacia Mining website? Here are but some of them:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility Charter
  • Community Development
  • Community investment programmes
  • Priority is given to investments that support community
  • Search for Common Ground in Tanzania
  • Advancing Sustainable Peace
  • Sustainable Business Practice
  • Search for Common Ground

With all this “fancy talk” of community and development and priority ….. where are these fantastic, powerful Acacia Mining people when it is time to help a sports club in trouble? Not just any sports club but THEIR OWN sponsored sports club.

So what if the club leadership is having trouble? So what if the club leadership have internal conflicts? So what if the club personalities are clashing internally?

Where is the Acacia Mining’s hand to “search for common ground” and for negotiations and for round table discussions of the club management and where is the social responsibility charter and all the rest of Acacia’s above-mentioned righteous assurances?Acacia Mining and their mother company Barrick Gold are having their own “leadership crisis” problems this past year or two –

  • Acacia have been exposed in fraud and a corruption conspiracy relating to their attempted manipulations within the Ministry of Energy and Minerals;
  • Acacia were found guilty of tax evasion and sophisticated methods of not paying tax here but paying millions of US Dollars (or British Pounds) to their shareholders in the UK and Canada;
  • Acacia have been lambasted inside our Parliament for illegal activities;
    Barrick Gold agreed to pay $140 million to quickly settle a U.S. lawsuit in New York instead of another guilty verdict against them for deliberately misleading investors;
  • Acacia were exposed for selecting an Adjudicator for their defence in the US$ 115 million case against them by Bismark Hotel, where Acacia fully knew there was a conflict of interest;
  • Acacia are exposed for fraudulent exports of their mining sand and false declarations of the values in that sand;
  • The Tanzanian President, Dr. John P. Magufuli, publicly stated that mining companies not making profits here must go back home (i.e. Acacia Mining)
  • Mother company Barrick Gold really wants to sell daughter Acacia Mining as soon as possible but there are not buyers (that we know of) because of the mess of Acacia Mining in Tanzania (see here and here for full details and explanations)
  • and the list goes on and on…

The point here is…. what is Acacia Mining’s real reason for pulling out of their sponsorship deal?
They could very easily send in their “Social Responsibility Charter” people and their “Search for Common Ground” experts to sit all the club leaders around a table, and find solutions.

But no, they knew that as soon as they pull out of their sponsorship commitment, the Stand United club will quickly disappear!
Is this their real agenda? Who is behind the destruction of this sports club?

Is there some or other manipulation behind the scenes that was the driving force to make Acacia Mining pull out of the sponsorship?

With Acacia Mining’s leadership in turmoil, and they pointing a finger at Stand United criticising their leadership, is there a better example of “the pot calling the kettle black”?



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