This is a public email to Kelvin Dushnisky, the President of Barrick Gold that also owns 69% of Acacia Mining. 
Copies of this letter are sent to the all on the Board of Directors of Barrick in Canada and also the Board of Directors of Acacia in UK. Below, you can read more recipients of this email.

Dear Mr. Dushnisky

Since we also work for large multi-national companies, we do know about the need for company authority structure and the management levels between head office and in-country branch operations.  And there-in lies the reason for this new public letter directly to you.

For months we wrote to you asking YOU to come here and sort out the Barrick-Acacia problems in Tanzania.  But you took no notice.
For months we wrote that your local management are NOT feeding you with the correct information and keeping you fully informed to enable you to make decisions for implementation back down the ladder.   But you took no notice.

Last week, we heard from our sources inside Acacia Mining in Dar es Salaam, that in fact, your local Dar management are still insisting on holding the Ministry of Energy and Minerals (MEM) fully responsible for the loss of the license and land in September 2011 that you were committed to return back to Bismark Hotel Mining company.  That is just unbelievable!!

So, here were are now, writing to you directly, to show you the EXACT PROOF of how your local management are covering up the truth and fighting so hard to get a solution locally in Dar es Salaam using “under handed” ways and means which, in other words, means MORE FRAUD and MORE CORRUPTION on top of what they already did between 2011 and 2015…. 
And wait, we did not start telling you about their other problems.

With the help of our volunteers in your office here, we prepared an exact step-by-step analysis so that YOU, Mr. Dushnisky, will be able, in a matter of minutes, to see how you have been blatantly misled.  We must add and stress that those few in your local office who contacted us and volunteered to help our cause are all staunch and deeply loyal Acacia Mining employees.  These are people who sincerely care about their company but they disapprove with certain methods of your local management and your intervention and clean-up in the local offices would please and motivate a great deal of your employees here.

You can ask us what we are actually doing here?  The answer is simple….
There is FRAUD and CORRUPTION within your group of companies … we see it exists between your Dar es Salaam office and your overseas offices.  
Our group fights against FRAUD and CORRUPTION in any shape or colour or place.
From the documents we present to you here attached, you will know exactly who has misled who and why everything in Acacia Tanzania right now is so upside down!

Our group is driven to focus on truth and honesty.  Mr. Dushnisky, this full report attached shows you exactly who is telling you the truth.  Your local people are NOT.  Are your London people telling you the truth???  We cannot be sure because sadly, no-one there has come forward secretly to volunteer to join our group!

Our work is motivated by great modern-day Tanzanian’s like President Magufuli whose actions speak louder than his words.  Also, the Minister of MEM, Hon. Prof. Sospeter Muhongo, who was quoted last year saying:  “My record speaks for itself, I am incorruptible” and indeed, his record and commitment to our country do speak for themselves!

So, attached is the full report including complete documentary proof for you to know what really went on here between 2011 and 2015.

Last week, we reported directly to the Minister of MEM, Hon. Prof. Sospeter Muhongo and his senior MEM team that your local people are still “holding on for dear life” to their false theory that the MEM is fully at fault for the lost license and land that caused all these problems.

Our group have cooperated with the MEM since last year are we are certain that the Hon. Minister has already all the complete facts and the MEM have made their conclusions and forwarded everything to the PCCB and other authorities who will no doubt take this investigation of FRAUD and CORRUPTION forwards.  And all because of poor, negligent mismanagement of your Dar es Salaam office.

Dear Mr. Dushnisky, in Kiswahili, we say:
Watanzania wamechoshwa na UTAPELI na RUSHWA !  Tumechoka kuumia !!  Imetosha..

Translated for you, it means:
Tanzanians are frustrated living with FRAUD and CORRUPTION !  We are tired of suffering! Enough is enough…

Our agenda is all about supporting our President in the fight to destroy the cancer called FRAUD and CORRUPTION from within our Nation!  Our Facebook is dedicated to exactly this.
There is nothing political at all about our Anti-Corruption work – our volunteer group works to support the Tanzanian Nation and only the Tanzanian Nation! 
In the eyes of Good Lord, we are all equal! 
No-one is entitled to take that which is not his!

We wrote to you a few months ago and I repeat it again…. Our Nation is a very placid nation.  Our People are by nature and culture, very peace loving.  Unlike other African nations who chop each other to pieces, God help them all, we are quite the opposite.  It is in this spirit that we invite YOU again to come to Dar es Salaam.  After you read the attached report, you will know to come here, to sit with the relevant people, to make order with everything in Acacia so that your company will blossom peacefully by mining our God-given gold (and pay your royalties and taxes fairly for our God-given gold)!

We know from your local Dar people that your company has a “mechanism” to have Internal Disciplinary Hearings for specific problems.  From the attached report and proof, you now have everything you need to have your Disciplinary Hearings so that your local management team will answer for their carelessness or negligence or mismanagement or any other name you choose to call their terrible performance that has caused you and your company so much damages.

Your local people have such audacity and low integrity to try and persuade you that “they are sorting out everything because the MEM made mistakes and the MEM are responsible”.   What blatant lies they tell you!   The facts and proof speak for themselves.  
Your local management efforts and attempts to cast guilt and responsibility for their mistakes onto the MEM will surely damage the relationship between the MEM and Acacia Mining.  And for what?  Because of the local Acacia management lies?  Because the local Acacia management targeted a few MEM officials on the side, corrupted them to do illegal acts to try cover their failures and errors, and then they tell you that the MEM is at fault!

You are the president of the world’s biggest gold mining company…. After you read the attached report and proof of wrong-doings, you will see through the agenda of your local Acacia management who have caused all this damage and lied and misled you since all these problems started with the Bloomberg online article last year in July.

Did you know that your local legal team sent to Bismark geological reports for totally the wrong land and therefore they never filled their legal commitments to Bismark… even until this day?
And then to make all this even more ridiculous, your local management still insist the reports were for the correct land…. 
How much more incompetent can senior managers be? 
We are certain that your local Acacia management has hidden this fact away from you!  All you need to do is simply ask them to show you the exact geological reports they sent Bismark and ….  you will see, in shock, for yourself. 

Mr. Dushnisky, please look at this link below:
What a beautiful article,  a beautiful message from Acacia Mining… a message of cooperation and hope to your host country.  These are the articles we want to read about your company.  This type of news is what YOU want to receive from your overseas company offices!

Please take note that we are sending Bcc copies of this public letter to the President and the IKULU, Ministers, MP’s and ALL other government officials connected to this scandal as well as the PCCB, Attorney General, the TRA and the SFO, RCMP, SEC, FCA, OEC, World Bank, Transparency International, CSR21, European Parliament, British Parliament, Canadian Parliament, media companies and numerous others.  Be assured that in the past 11 months, we learnt our duties and responsibilities very quickly. 

You may have read an analysis report that our group prepared last week after Adv. Karel Daele was exposed in one of the local Swahili newspapers, Raia Tanzania, for his possible unethical performance as your appointed Adjudicator .  Here is the link (in English):

Did you know that you used to have a lawyer working in Barrick Tanzania called Honest Lugalla?
Did you know this lawyer was fired (or call it any other name) for his blundering – including these Bismark adjudication issues?
Did you know that you used to have a “Company Secretary” working in Barrick Tanzania called Godson Kiliza?
Did you know he was also fired (or call it any other name) for his blundering?
Do you know that there were others also fired?
Your local offices employ suspiciously incompetent people and your local Acacia management cover-up and mislead you overseas!

Karel Daele should never have been suggested or considered by Acacia – never mind appointed – for all the Conflict of Interest factors that you read in our above-mentioned research article in AllAfrica. In fact, there should not even have been an adjudication process started, as you can see in the attached proof – your local management was hopelessly negligent and careless in September 2011 and they should never have lost that license and land!  Then none of this mess would have happened.

You will see for yourself when you read all the proof. We expect that Bismark has much more proof to present when the adjudication will start but that’s not our concern…. what we prepared for you is certainly enough for you to make educated immediate conclusions….  There is no doubt that the Government and Police authorities definitely will have enough evidence to proceed accordingly.

Mr. Dushnisky, this is the NEW TANZANIA.
Do you know about the Barrick Gold and Acacia Mining being lambasted by name in our Parliament last week for FRAUD and CORRUPTION??  Is this what you need in your company?
Do you need for your shareholders to read media reports about Barrick Gold and Acacia Mining being lambasted by name in our Parliament for FRAUD and CORRUPTION?

Attached is the proof that your local management team have brought you to the edge!  And for what?

It’s now up to you to take this bull by its horns and return your company back to a peaceful, quiet and popular position in our country.  That is our blessing for you and your people.

In conclusion, please allow us to share with you a quote from another of our great modern-day Tanzanian statesmen, former Prime Minister and Attorney General, Joseph Warioba.
In 1996, he and his nine-person Presidential Commission released what was to be known as “The Warioba Report”.  And the 521 page report simply shocked all of Tanzania.  If you have time, it is worth reading to understand our country.  One of Adv. Warioba’s most shocking conclusions of that report, 20 years ago was: 

  It has become evident that the greatest source of corruption in the country is not the poor economy and low salaries …….  The greatest source of corruption is laxity of leadership in overseeing the implementation of established norms …. Most leaders do not understand the seriousness of the problem ….  If we want to rid ourselves of corruption we must begin by cleaning the top leadership ranks. ”

As before, we are here to serve our country’s best interests and we commit our complete neutrality before the Good Lord, at all times.   All that matters to us are the facts in writing.  Judges can interpret everything else…..
We welcome any questions you may have and assure you of our cooperation in any way that brings about the betterment of Tanzania.

Kind regards

Samantha Cole



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