Are Tanzanians fed up living with FRAUD and CORRUPTION? TUMECHOKA !! We are tired of suffering! Enough is enough!

TUMECHOKA !! We are tired to live this way!!
Change must come!!
Enough is enough!!

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Are we Tanzanian’s, still interested in following up and helping to destroy the cancer of FRAUD and CORRUPTION in our beautiful country?
Do we believe this is the NEW TANZANIA and that we can bring change to make this a better place to live?

The answers to all the above questions are: YES!
Why? Because we, the people, suffer most from the cancer of FRAUD and CORRUPTION !

  • We are the ones who send kids to schools with poor facilities;
  • We are the ones who cannot get good medical services in our clinics;
  • We are the ones lighting candles when there is no electricity;
  • We are the ones carrying buckets of water because there is none in our houses;
  • We are the ones who the police stop for no reason other than to demand money illegally;
  • We are the ones travelling through mud because there are no highways;
  • We are the ones ……… who suffer!

Of course we want to know everything about FRAUD and CORRUPTION scandals because we want to see JUSTICE done to those who are caught!  After all, the more who are exposed, the more who are caught, the more who are punished, the LESS will try in the future.
People will learn that the cancer of FRAUD and CORRUPTION is not easy like in the OLD DAYS!
In the new Tanzania, there is no place for the cancer of FRAUD and CORRUPTION.
In the new Tanzania, BIG BROTHER is watching! We are all watching! We are all ready to report to the Authorities – from our President’s office to the PCCB to the TRA …. to everyone!

And therein lies the reason why the Tanzanian public are so involved and interested in following the FRAUD and CORRUPTION scandals… Because TUMECHOKA !!

Between March 2014 and September 2015, a survey was conducted – arranged by Transparency International – in which they contacted 43,143 people in 28 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. The question asked was about their experiences and opinions of corruption in their country.
A complete report was published called “People and Corruption: Africa Survey 2015”.
In this report, we see that the majority of Africans (58 %) that were in the surveyed countries, say corruption has increased over the previous 12 months.
Shockingly, Transparency International estimate that nearly 75 million Africans have paid a bribe in the past year – some of these to escape punishment by the police or courts, but many also forced to pay to get access to the basic services that they desperately need.

Let us take a moment and look back at the past few decades in Tanzania …. We see how evil and sick our country has been in relation to the cancer of FRAUD and CORRUPTION !


The 521-page report published by former Prime Minister and Attorney General Joseph Warioba and his nine-person Presidential Commission revealed corruption everywhere. Here are some examples where corruption was found from that report:

  • Inside the offices of the Ministry of Home Affairs;
  • Inside the offices of the Attorney General;
  • Inside the Ministries of Education, Health and Lands;
  • Inside the Treasury;
  • Inside the ‘Investment Promotion Centre’ where tax exemptions were given to the rich;
  • Inside the National Bank of Commerce;
  • Inside the Social Services (example, demanding money for hospital beds);
  • Inside the Police force (why no surprise!!);
  • Inside the Courts (‘judgements are written in the streets without even a hearing’);
  • Inside newspapers and journalists – accepting bribes to write or not to write revealing stories;
  • And many, many more.

The Warioba report also said that :
After Tanzanian independence, the public service expanded very rapidly and public servants started to behave contrary to the civil service code of conduct and began to use their offices for private economic gain …….
It has become evident that the greatest source of corruption in the country is (now) not the poor economy and low salaries, although these too have played some part.
The greatest source of corruption is laxity of leadership in overseeing the implementation of established norms …. most leaders do not understand the seriousness of the problem ….
Most believe that corruption is more widespread in the lower and middle grades of the public service…..
If we want to rid ourselves of corruption we must begin by cleaning the top leadership ranks

1999 : The 9th International Anti-Corruption Conference in Durban, South Africa.

Tanzania’s National Anti-Corruption Strategy Executive wrote the following in their summary:

Corruption is as old as human history itself. However in Tanzania, it can be traced back to about 1980, some twenty years after self-rule. It grew to such an extent that it impacted all social and economic activities in a most fundamental way, negating development in almost all sectors.

For this reason, the fight against corruption became the election manifesto of President Benjamin William Mkapa in October 1995 who, on coming to power, appointed a commission in preparing a report (“The Warioba Report”) on the state of corruption in Tanzania. This report was completed in December 1996 and was immediately made public.

The report indicated that corruption both of the “petty type” (e.g. involving traffic police) and of the “grand type” (e.g. involving public tenders) was both widespread and rampant. Worst culprits were in the judiciary and the police. It was a case of corrupt politics impinging on the nation’s economic performance.

All those decades… 30 – 40 – 50 years ….
Who loses?
Only the innocent! Only the poor! Only the weak!

And therein lies the reason why the Tanzanian public are so involved and interested in following the FRAUD and CORRUPTION scandals… Because TUMECHOKA !!

Norad published a report that can be read on the O.E.C.D. website. The report is called:
Joint Evaluation of Support to Anti-Corruption Efforts – Tanzania
They reported that in Tanzania, in 2006-2007, Tanzania’s corruption went worse and worse, both in absolute and relative terms.

In 2008, the country was rocked by yet another energy scandal, involving the US firm Richmond Development, which led to the resignation of Edward Lowassa, the Prime Minister at the time.

In June, 2011, Norad published that in certain years, more than 20% of Tanzania’s budget was lost to corruption.

The Business Anti-Corruption Portal published:
Corruption is pervasive throughout Tanzanian society and is a serious problem across all sectors of the economy. The most affected sectors are government procurement, land administration, taxation and customs. Petty corruption in dealings with traffic, customs and immigration officers deters investment.
Businesses consider the prevalence of irregular payments and bribes within public utilities in Tanzania as one of the worst in the world. Corruption within the state-run Tanzania Electricity Supply Company (Tanesco) is endemic.

In 2013, the energy minister, William Ngeleja was forced to step down after a report uncovered massive abuse of taxpayers’ money in 2012.

And therein lies the reason why the Tanzanian public are so involved and interested in following the FRAUD and CORRUPTION scandals… Because TUMECHOKA !!

Only about 18 months ago, the United Kingdom and 11 other international donors withheld $490 million in general budget support to Tanzania due to their worries that our officials were stealing public funds!
According to Tanzania’s public accounts committee (PAC), Tanzania is one of Africa’s biggest per-capita aid recipients, with 29% of its annual budget comes from overseas development assistance.
What is wrong with us that we need so much aid from outside?

In November 2014, during a parliament session in Dodoma, the PAC revealed publicly that senior officials authorized fraudulent payments to offshore bank accounts under the guise of energy contracts.
Tanzania’s energy sector is well known for corruption scandals and 20% of its development funding is thought to have been stolen in the previous 12 months. It is said that the energy scandal of November 2014 resulted in the theft of more than $120 million from our Central Bank.

At that time, Mr. Zitto Kabwe, an opposition MP and head of the PAC, said: “There is no story of power in Tanzania … without corruption. We have been having huge problems with electricity in Tanzania for the last 20 years. IPTL has been there for the last 20 years and it has been involved in all this corruption. Rugemalira has been with IPTL for the last 20 years and he has been part and parcel of the corrupt power deal that has been going on in Tanzania.”

And what has changed since?
Until President J.P. Magufuli walked into the front door of the Ikulu (Tanzania “White House”)

The Attorney General, George Masaju, quoted President Magufuli telling Parliament that he was serious when he promised the public the special court to prosecute the corrupt and embezzlers of public resources, adding that what Tanzanians hate most is corruption and that they are not ready to tolerate a government that embraces bribery. “During the 2015 election presidential campaigns, President John Magufuli promised that if he wins, he would establish a special court to prosecute government and non-government officials implicated in graft.

Corruption also means that public hospitals have no medications to treat sick patients, children don’t have teachers, and government officials charged with protecting their citizens, hurt them instead.

FRAUD and CORRUPTION are all exercises in GREED…….. They are conspired and done “in the name of our people” whilst spawning millionaires amongst our ruling and controlling elite!

Do you encounter corruption in your everyday life?
Are you irritated with bribe demanding, with nonexistent inquiries, “charitable” contributions and other similar processes?
Are you also sick and tired of corruption?
Report every and all corruption cases – if you prefer, send us the details and we will report the case… without your personal details….. but we MUST work together to make our President’s goals into reality!

There is nothing political at all about our Anti-Corruption work – we support the Tanzanian Nation and only the Tanzanian Nation!
In the eyes of Good Lord, we are all equal!


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