Dear Sirs

Mr. Dushnisky:  Your Directors are gathered in London yesterday and today to discuss your crisis in our country.  Only the Good Lord understands why you insist on fighting against our country.  We have asked you over and over during the past 6 months to come here are sort out your problems.  We told you over and over that you are not receiving the honest reports from your local Acacia Mining people because if you were, we find it hard to believe that you would allow the problems to escalate UP TO OUR PARLIAMENT !!
Yesterday, the Shadow Minister of Foreign Affair, Hon. Peter Msigwa, lambasted Acacia Mining & Barrick Gold for your activities in Tanzania – including fraud and corruption !!!!!
Mr. Gordon:  You have people there from Dar… they can translate the Shadow Minister of Foreign Affair’s speech for you.  If you want a neutral press report about this, here is a link below and attached also pictures of today’s newspapers about the Parliament report.

A few weeks ago, you instructed Mr. Andrew Wray to go publish with the media in which he said “We Are Not Crooks”.
Look how you allowed this to get out of hand.
Even in our Parliament, our MP’s and Ministers are discussing the exact opposite to Mr. Wray’s plea of innocence.
Mr. Dushnisky:   Once again, we ask you, in the spirit of cooperation and partnership…. please come here and fix up the problems.  The Barrick – Acacia snow ball has been rolling down the mountain during the past 6-9 months and getting bigger and bigger….  Are you waiting until it becomes an avalanche??   Maybe it is an avalanche already since our Parliament are already discussing your illegal activities in our country ??
You have enough headaches in your company…. just this week in New York, you were ordered to pay US$ 140 million for concealing problems at one of your South American mines and of fraudulently inflating the company’s market value.
Your critics and cynics will scoff and say that US$ 140 million is a drop in the ocean for Barrick Gold.  In our country, we would bless US$ 140 million …. do you have any idea how many millions of our nation could benefit from infrastructure improvements of US$ 140 million?
Why do you want more problems?  We urge you to bring a strategy of reconciliation (or whatever you choose to call it where there is no implications or long term insinuations) and come here and implement the strategy immediately.  Come here and clean the table.
Is the alternative the avalanche?

Kind regards
Samantha Cole


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