Dear Mr. Dushnisky

As you see, our Hon. President and certain Senior Officials receive a CC of this public letter.

Do you know that in July last year, your company made a press release to BLOOMBERG that was published on the BLOOMBERG website on July 14, 2015?
For your convenience, here is the link:

This is what your company wrote:
The Company is aware of claims made by Bismark. The Company considers the claims vexatious and baseless and will vigorously defend any proceedings that are issued. The claim relates to an application for a prospecting licence with no attributable reserves, resources or value to the Company and has no impact on any current or future operations in Tanzania. The Company has made no financial provision in relation to this claim, reflecting our view of its merits.

It is very suspicious and clearly a contradiction, that in July, you were ready to write in public that you made no financial provision in relation to the claim “…. reflecting our view of its merits“….
Yet, only months later, suddenly, you write in your financial statements ” …Included in the total amounts claimed is a claim for US$115 million by Bismark Hotel Limited …. “.
Suddenly you view merits in Bismark’s claim? Suddenly you are finally taking an interest to see the mess that your Dar office made in between 2011 and 2015?
Let the People of Tanzania know how Barrick-Acacia can turn the truth onto its head when it suits you all.

Clearly, you have started to realize the extent of trouble – CRIMINAL, FRAUD trouble, that your company is in?
And that does not include the CORRUPTION conspiracy last year with officials in the Ministry of Mines?

Wait, Mr. Dushnisky….. there is more trouble coming…. regarding your tax evasion plus the false exports and your UNDER-PAYMENTS of royalties and/or export taxes because you FALSIFY YOUR GOLD EXPORTS USING ALLOYS!
We have a complete report from one of your own people who is disgruntled by your companies mannerisms and who has secretly volunteered to explain to our group exactly how you trick our Government with the ASSAY procedure… false copper declarations and more….

Everything is written up in a report and sent to the PCCB and the TRA in Dar es Salaam as well as the President’s office.
We will soon start our reporting to :
the RCMP in Canada,
the OSC in Toronto,
the SEC in New York,
the SFO in London,
the FCA in London,
the DSE in Dar
and we’ll continue with all other bodies (such as the World Bank, CSR21 and all other Transparency Organisations) until you take a personal interest to clean your “dirty washing” in Tanzania and please start from fresh in a legal, ethical and honest manner.

That is all we’ve been asking of you for the past 4 months….

Kind regards

Samantha Cole