Dear Mr. Dushnisky

RE: Barricks’ 63.9% control of Acacia Mining
So instructions were given to your IT people who manage your Facebook to block us from writing comments in your Timeline!! Is that your way of dealing with the CORRUPTION problems of your company in Tanzania ?
Did we write anything inaccurate or untruthful on your Facebook ? Even once ?
No, we did not!! Everything we write is strictly the truth!!
But the truth offends you….
Instead, you sent security henchmen to meet us in Dar es Salaam to investigate “our proof” of your company’s CORRUPTION??
We are mothers with children…. do you think we African’s are so stupid to risk our safety at the hands of your henchmen??
Sir, we have a letter from your Tanzania office that is part of the CORRUPTION CONSPIRACY that your people manipulated with officials in the Ministry of Mines. This letter was written in 2012 and contains such lies and deceit and fraud … and you prefer to sit in Canada like an ostrich and hope the problem “with the Africans” will go away by itself??
Perhaps you haven’t heard yet that the days of colonialism are long gone…. certainly in Tanzania!!
Don’t send henchmen to find us, Mr. Dushnisky… We are NOT your enemy. Your company people in Dar es Salaam are hiding the truth from you! That is where your focus is needed most. Why not follow the words of your Chairman, Mr. Thornton, who said in his speech to you in August last year:
“As we become leaner, more efficient and more keenly focused on a smaller number of core assets, we are empowering our leaders in the field to function as true business owners. We believe that with the right talent in place, the best business decisions are made closest to the ground….”.
Your people here made serious mistakes by conspiring to cover-up their mistakes using officials in the Ministry of Mines. This is NOT what Mr. Thornton intended in his speech!! This is CORRUPTION in our country and our President and PCCB will NOT allow your people to escape justice.
Our country benefits from overseas companies operating here. It is what we need for our people. We prefer to work hard and honestly and NOT to ask for charity. But your company must operate here honestly.
Two months passed since our last public letter to you and your people here have NOT brought you any solutions regarding the CORRUPTION CONSPIRACY with the Ministry of Mines that they kicked into motion last year.
And we will not even mention here the problems with water in your North Mara mine and the fact that your company mine has NOT paid correct Service Levies to the local council. We will deal with these problems elsewhere…
Whether you follow the ancient myth that “The friend of my enemy is my enemy” or alternatively, “The enemy of my enemy Is my friend” ….. Our single focus is Tanzania and the future of our People and our children. We want to be a friend to all overseas companies to bring their technologies, expertise, know-how and everything else that is positive and good for us and Tanzania. I respectively suggest that you take this “bull by its horns” and sort out the mess because your people are hiding the truth from you !!!
Once again, the ball is in your court…. and please, Mr. Dushnisky… don’t send henchmen to look for us again…
Don’t fight us because we are friends…. under honest circumstances.
We prefer to read about good news in the newspapers. Let’s work to bring quiet and goodness using Mr. Thornton’s vision…
Kind regards
Samantha Cole
Front page of “The Citizen” newspaper ….
Collusion… Graft … Corruption… all the words that describe best the Barrick – Acacia Dar es Salaam office…

2016.02.29 The Citizen Pg1 cr b sm60



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