We are a small group of working ladies based in Dar es Salaam.  We all have experience working for multi-national companies.
During the past years, we have witnessed an increase in the unjustified manipulation of big money companies bullying our small business brothers and sisters.
We want support and we want to reduce this malicious pattern.

There is no reason that these international companies cannot operate in Africa with ethics and integrity towards our People.
There is enough money to be made in Africa without bullying and manipulative tactics !!
Please join us – help us make the world a better place !


And we will begin with our “good friends”, ACACIA MINING – what used to be called BARRICK GOLD.

ACACIA MINING is positively the Beast of Africa when it comes to human rights, business ethics, integrity and honesty !
We will show you facts here that will make your hair stand on end and wonder why the Directors have not all been deported !!


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